•     We will post your items on www.adria-booking.net and www.adria-apartment.net.
  •     Set up an unlimited number of objects
  •     Collection of fees only on reservation
  •     Quick and easy access to information about accommodation and bookings
  •     Calendar update in real time
  •     Upon request, you determine the availability
  •     Updating pictures
  •     Insight into the ranking of the facility on our website

Mode and conditions of cooperation

The cooperation can be achieved under the following conditions:
  • Price for guests: On our website, the price for the customer must be identical to the price at which you rent an accommodation to direct guests.
  • Price for landlord: The landlord grants the agency 10% commission of their price.
  • Price increase on landlord price is not possible.
  • Acceptance of the booking: Any free appointment that meets the conditions you choose (minimum reservation time, booking on Saturdays, etc.) will be approved to the guests, only after consultation with you.
  • Approved reservations can not be undone afterwards.
  • Payment Options: Guest will pay the Agency a deposit of 30% upon confirmation of the reservation. The agency pays the landlord, no later than 7 business days, 20% on their account (or if you work PayPal, on their PayPal account), while the remainder is paid directly upon arrival.

R egistration

For the registration the following is necessary:

  • Fill out the form, which you can download by clicking on the " Presentation form ", and follow the instructions to fill in information about your accommodation (note that the details are very important, so take your time to complete this step).
  • With the completed form, you must provide us with the pictures and prices with seasons , as well as prices for everything you additionally charge (for example air conditioning 5 € / day, extra bed 10 € per person, pets, etc.).
  • If you would like to set several objects, send us a separate e-mail with the desired information for each object.
  • After receiving the information, we will post your items on our web pages (we reserve the right to post items on selected portals).