The island of Rab

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Rab is a Croatian island in the northern Adriatic. It belongs to the Primorje-Gorski kotar County in the Kvarner Bay.

The island is 22 kilometers long, has an area of ​​91 square kilometers and about 9,500 inhabitants. Rab is one of the Kvarner islands in the Kvarner bay. Neighboring islands are Krk, Pag, Cres and Dolin (uninhabited).
Rab is a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and moderately warm summer months. In the winter months, the temperature rarely falls below zero. The peaks of Velebit are often covered with snow in winter.
The soil is mostly karst. Across the whole island are three ridges, the largest of which is the Kamenjak. It separates the peninsula Lopar in the north with the homonymous village Lopar from the remaining part of the island. On a peninsula to the west is the forest Kalifront, one of the last oak forests of the Mediterranean area. The island surface is about 49 percent covered by forests. Thus, the island of Rab is one of the most wooded islands in Croatia.
Rab has more than 300 sources, some of which are also used for drinking water supplies.