Croatia / Istria / Rovinj

Rovinj is a bilingual city in Croatia on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula.
It has about 15,000 inhabitants, including 11.25% of the Italian minority.

To the west and south-west, the city is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, to the north by the Limski Canal. Originally Rovinj was a separate island, which was only connected to the mainland in 1763. In the east lies the suburb of Rovinjsko Selo and about 25 kilometers further the city of Kanfanar. To the southeast is the suburb Kokuletovica and about nine kilometers further the municipality of Bale.

About one kilometer south of the old town of Rovinj is located with Zlatni rt (Golden Cape) another peninsula in the sea. On over 70 hectares, a more than 100-year-old park, which is now under the protection of nature, expands. Rovinj and its bays are surrounded by 22 smaller and larger islands. The largest of these islands, Sveta Katharina, is within sight of the peninsula of the old town. Still further south, behind Zlatni rt lies Sveta Andrija. A dam connects the island to the smaller neighboring island of Maskin.